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我在 GitHub 上的开源项目

1. BasicBlog JavaScript 🤩0  ⭐️1  🖖0

The blog system implemented by SpringBoot! Thymeleaf template engine is used for page rendering, JSpringDataJPA is used for data operation, ElasticSearch is used for full-text search implementation technology, and BootStrap is used for beautify the front end for aesthetics

2. PracticeCode-Java- Java 🤩0  ⭐️1  🖖0

🔨All Java code, using IDEA or eclipse or even VisualCode code in this repository, including some of the integrated development environment shortcuts or practicing Java syntax, or the code for the problem is also here

3. buckmoo Java 🤩0  ⭐️0  🖖0

Great repository names are short and memorable. Need inspiration? How about psychic-guacamole?

4. solo-blog 🤩0  ⭐️0  🖖0  🏠http://zouchanglin.cn

Tim’s Blog - 始于技术 不止于技术

5. HexoBlog-Backup 🤩0  ⭐️0  🖖0  🏠http://v1.zouchanglin.cn/

http://v1.zouchanglin.cn/ This is the second place I’ve written a blog on other than CSDN, which is based on hexo, and USES next for its theme style. It’s a very simple way to do it, but it’s not always convenient and recommended.

6. game Java 🤩0  ⭐️0  🖖1

The annual programming competition of the school, this year’s title is agricultural sales system, which should be like taobao C2C, but we have simplified the development, the reason why it is called game is because it is a game itself.

7. SharedFileServer C++ 🤩0  ⭐️0  🖖0

It’s a simple file-sharing server. It looks like what you’ve seen in the major open source mirror stations. It has a simple interface, but it’s fully functional.

8. CPlusPlusCode C++ 🤩0  ⭐️0  🖖0

💻Use C or C++ code written in Visualstudio or vim, some of which are small projects, such as annotation conversion applets, most of the C or C++ code in the windows environment will be here.

9. everything-cmd Java 🤩0  ⭐️0  🖖0

🔍A tool that mimics everything implements cross-platform file search. Of course, you can also use find in Linux file search.

10. LinuxCode C 🤩0  ⭐️0  🖖0

⚔Linux basic operations, system programming, network programming, vim tips, Linux server development test code

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